How’s The Pie? Records is North Carolina DIY at the grassroots. We represent a wide range of artists from singer-songwriter indie, electronic, experimental hardcore, and anything in between. 

The DIY scene in North Carolina, especially in Charlotte, has been disorganized at best in recent years. Our goal is to build a safe, supportive, inclusive, and hopeful scene that seeks out and showcases the most talented among us. NC deserves better than the hand it’s been dealt, and we’re here to build a strong foundation. 

We are committed to giving DIY artists every tool they need to succeed, which is why we don’t take any money away from them. ALL streaming revenue goes straight back to the artists. We work closely with promising writers and musicians to build their brand and introduce them to a network of like-minded creatives.

We are also committed to creating a scene that is safe and inclusive for everyone. No one should ever be made to feel uncomfortable at our shows, and we take our responsibility very seriously. Our policy regarding predatory, discriminatory, and violent behavior at our shows is complete zero tolerance.