Do you ever wish you knew more about your favorite HTP artists? Do you wish someone would ask them nonsensical questions? Perhaps you envision Woah in front of a shoddy green screen, being interviewed in someone’s house. Perhaps your dream is an interview with Soupmane, in which he talks about his old, fucked up dog. Maybe, just maybe, you envision a journalism school washout interviewer with no experience, tag-teaming artists with his even less prepared friend, intimidating them and making them uncomfortable all the while.

Does that sound like something you want?? 


Hosted by Will Washburn and Mark Battiste, the Piecast will never ask the same boring questions you’ve heard a million times before. We grill HTP artists on their writing processes, inspirations, goals, and what they would do if their samurai master was slain in battle. Much like snowflakes or set lighting, no two episodes are quite the same. The Piecast is made with only one goal in mind: destroy boring interview shows.