Soupmane is an audio/visual artist from Charlotte, NC. Soupmane got his start creating beats for rappers around Charlotte, but decided to take a more independent and experimental path with his music. Influenced by artists such as Richard D. James, Black Marble, and Chief Keef, Soupmane takes a truly unique and creative approach to his genre-bending electronic music.

Soupmane is planning on distributing his debut album Bugboy through How’s The Pie? Records this year, alongside a new small drop of graphic tee shirts. Until then, Soupmane has Todd Pillhand vs. The Whirl out on Spotify, as well as his two mixtapes Souptape and Soupmix out on Bandcamp and Soundcloud.

IG: @soup.mane

Tik Tok: @soup.mane

Twitter: @binboy47